The main focus of Med-Assist is supporting academic and industrial partners in the execution of medical research. In all phases of medical research Med-Assist offers support. Acquiring financial means, finding partners, training of teams in the planning phase as well as logistical assistance during the execution phase of a trial is core business of Med-Assist.

Med-Assist has a dedicated team headed by Mr. Stephan Leuvenink, entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in leading a company specialized in training and education in automotive, general and operational safety, and logistics.

Logistics and coordination

Med-Assist has been involved as logistical lead in the MP-trial, the first large international multi-center trial comparing Cold Storage versus Machine Perfusion. Other transplantation related projects involved the pre-clinical use of EPO analogues in kidney transplantation and ex-vivo perfusion.


The development of e-Learning modules is also a service of Med-Assist.